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Don’t forget the initial intention, Stick to the quality, Rush out of Sichuan, Go to the World

The Jingfeng Vehicle Brand logo is a mountain that stands tall, representing the company's upward development and bravely climbing the peak. The left and right sides are symmetrical J letters, which are always looks wonderful. Among them, the mountain peaks come out in two J letters, suggesting that Jingfeng has been accumulating strength and will be able to break out of the situation and grow stronger. The whole logo is shaped like a Chuan word, which means that Jingfeng originated in Sichuan, expressing that Jingfeng Vehicle will never forget the original intention, stick to the quality, rush out of Sichuan and go to the world!

Yibin Jingfeng vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd..

Yibin Jingfeng vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd..

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