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Filmed iveco Eurocargo small foam fire truck

The article source:卡车之家    Release time:2019-09-23 22:56:53

After the Mid-Autumn festival, it means that winter is not far away. Autumn and winter are dry and dry, which is the season prone to fire. It was the fireman and his friends -- the fire truck -- who kept us safe.

Like the ordinary trucks we drive, fire trucks are divided into many types according to different USES, such as water tanker, foam truck, aerial ladder truck, high jet truck and so on. Next, I will take you to see a iveco Eurocargo small foam fire truck.

5 meters 2 car length is shorter than the light truck

Old residential area, residential space is narrow, when the fire can not enter the large fire truck, small fire truck is the best choice, iveco this small fire truck is so. Smaller than a light truck, with a length, width and height of 5270×2220×2980mm and a wheelbase of 2790mm, it is compact enough to move around the community.

Eurocargo is the chassis of iveco's mid-size car. It was first successfully designed and developed the first Eurocargo series in 1991, thus creating a precedent for models of the same level, and the market sales volume of the mid-size car in Europe ranks one or two.

Can provide from 6 tons to 19 tons of chassis, known as the "spirit". So although the car is small, the tonnage is not small. The 100E22 model represents a 10-ton chassis, 220 horsepower.

The headlights are protected by a protective screen that supports quick removal. Left and right two headlights and fog lamp shell are somewhat hazy, durability is not very good.

The Eurocargo cab of iveco has not changed since 1991. There are three versions of short cab (MLC), long cab (MLL) and four-door two-seat cab (MLD). Iveco is one of the few models that can provide the original two-seat cab. Front and back seats 3+3 layout, can seat 6 people, front middle seat back is broken.

The passenger door has a sliding glass, through which you can see blind spots on the right side of the car.

Low chassis is full of convenience

It is difficult for the firemen to get on and off the vehicle with wearing equipment, and the vehicle facilities should be convenient for getting on and off the vehicle. Iveco makes the boarding pedal wide and thick, with small clearance from the ground, and the back seat has three steps.

The ultra-low chassis benefits from small-size tires, 9.5R17.5 and German horse tires, which should be imported from Europe together with the chassis. The recommended air pressure of the tyre is attached to the wing board and only 7.6kg is enough.

Front axle IVECO 5833 steering axle, rear axle: IVECO 450721 single stage deceleration rear axle with differential lock. Front and rear suspension is steel plate, but the number of steel plate is very small, the front bridge 2 reinforced parabolic steel plate spring, the rear bridge 3 reinforced parabolic steel plate spring, the front and rear bridge are equipped with horizontal stabilizer bar, domestic light truck if use this kind of collocation.

The fuel tank and urea tank were the same size as the car, 115 liters for the plastic tank and 25 liters for the urea tank. The warning sign on the urea tank is particularly detailed. It says "for urea only". Diesel and water are prohibited.

220 horsepower automatic transmission small monster

Iveco Eurocargo power adopts the Tector series engine developed and produced by fiat power technology, model F4AE3681B*S, maximum power 160 kw, equivalent to 220 HP, maximum torque 680N. M, special torque maintenance function of fire engine.

Thanks to the latest generation of Common Rail jets, exhaust gate turbochargers and egr-free configurations, the engine ensures optimal combustion efficiency, resulting in low fuel consumption and first class performance.

The transmission side is equipped with a fully automatic zf six-speed manual automatic transmission, model 6AS 700 TO, with six forward and one reverse. The vehicle power reserve power more than 16 kilowatts, excellent acceleration performance, suitable for fire truck fast attendance.

The upper part is manufactured by Shanghai golden shield, equipped with complete fire-fighting equipment, which is suitable for quickly extinguishing all kinds of small initial fires. The car's tank can hold 2,200 litres of water and 500 litres of foam. Rated rate of fire pump: 1920 litres per minute.


Keep the army for a thousand days, with the army at one time, when the fire comes against the clock, the better the performance of the fire truck, you can arrive at the fire scene earlier to put out the fire. The tiny iveco foam fire engine, with 220 horsepower and a short wheelbase, zips along in narrow road conditions to nip the fire in the bud. (text/ka jia no. : wang kan che)

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